Arron Johnson

Owner / Founder
Arron Johnson

Arron moved to Sonoma in 1981, and 5 years later, in 1986 married his wife and best friend, Kelly. Both being outdoor enthusiasts, they honeymooned in Hawaii and have been going back annually ever since. They fell in love with Maui, and especially the little town of Lahaina. In Maui, there is a TV channel that runs 24/7 showcasing everything on the island to see and do, from snorkeling trips to bike rentals, from fishing charters to great restaurants to enjoy, including most everything else you can see and do on the Island. They always found themselves glued to the TV set at night watching that channel to find some new adventure to do, or a new place to try.

Their experience was that although there were a tremendous amount of local activity and recreational magazines for the tourists on every corner, nothing compared to actually seeing, hearing and almost feeling what they were showing on that TV channel. It was mesmerizing! Many of the features made you feel as if you were right there experiencing it! With this in mind, he found that many other vacation and destination spots have similar channels; Las Vegas and “The 702 Scene”, South Lake Tahoe and “Heavenly Channel”, many of which run 24/7 showcasing all of the places you can eat, stay and play the area can offer.

With this in mind, Arron was compelled to starting ‘The Wine Country Channel’ featuring Wine Country destinations for not only the beautiful California wine country, but other appellations as well. From his own experience, asking wine country visitors about their source of activity inspiration, and finally knowing that each winery wants to communicate their individual stories and dynamic current events. Arron was motivated by the fact that although there are many fine magazines, printed periodicals and great web sites out there already with all kinds of info and pictures in them, but no matter how nice a picture is, or how well a piece is written, it just doesn’t compare to seeing, hearing, and feeling like you’re there when you’re watching it on high definition TV!

There are hundreds and hundreds of wineries, restaurants, tour guides, hotels, spas, boutique stores, and everything else the wine country has to offer that people want to see and plan on doing while they’re here, whether they’re already here watching in their hotel room, or at home planning their next trip. Arron was compelled to launch ‘The Wine Country Channel’ and to provide a platform where tourists and enthusiasts could see, hear and experience much more than any printed ad could ever provide.