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Millions of top companies around the world are now advertising with video commercials on the internet instead of print ads or television. Here's why:

Because They Work! Video ads provide a "visual experience" that appeal to multiple senses through the combination of sound, motion and great detail. Something print ads simply can't do, and what television cannot provide because of time constraints. The internet has far greater viewership than television, not to mention that television ads are both expensive and limited in the amount of time you have to showcase your business or products. Video ads on The Wine Country Channel broadcast 24/7 to a targeted audience on 8 different channels that have no time constraints, nor are they limited to circulation or space on a page like standard print ads are. They are very effective and affordable.

​ You don't have a professional looking video to showcase your business or products? Not to worry! The Wine Country Channel can fulfill your complete video production needs with a professional, in-house video crew, including drones for capturing breath taking aerial footage, creative editing services and talented narrators. See below for sample videos of our production work.

Jim Sweeney

For more information and insights on what the Wine Country Channel can do for your company, contact Jim Sweeney, VP Sales & Marketing, for a free, absolutely no pressure consultation.

Email: jim@winecountrychannel.com
Telephone: 707-738-4942

Please view the below samples to see the quality of our in-house production work.


Viansa Sonoma

Depot Hotel Restaurant

Chef Michael Kalanty

Gay Wine Weekend

Eleven - Eleven Winery